Sizes and Fittings

STUDIOBOX Premium – Professional – Standard

STUDIOBOX Sound Booths are built from double-layered basic panels. The acoustic absorbers and reflectors are fixed on the interior side of the wall and ceiling panels. Each module is being fully manufactured in the factory. The outcome of this is a minimized installation time on site.

The modular panel dimension is 60 cm. Nearly each booth size is deliverable. The positions of the door and windows can be determined to suit individual requirements.

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Booth Sizes

Planning example
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01 02 03 04 05
Standard sizes
length x width x height
in cm (Rasterinnenmaß)
180 x 120 x 205 180 x 180 x 205 240 x 180 x 205 240 x 240 x 205 300 x 240 x 205
  • Further sizes, over- and lower heights are deliverable.

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Basic Fittings


  • Additional windows
  • Additional door
  • Inward opening door
  • Diagonal
  • Low noise fan assisted ventilation
  • Fan set (active + passive fan)
  • Cable port
  • Further additionals on request

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