Welcome to the concept house!

Here you can take your time to test the STUDIOBOX models. The spatial layout offers realistic conditions, allowing you to test across several floors and from separate rooms. This means greater certainty when it comes to assessing sound insulation.

"What am I still hearing if...?" The answer can be found in the STUDIOBOX concept house.

The interior acoustics – meaning the sound inside the cabin – are subject to technical requirements depending on the purpose of use and also on personal taste.

"What does it sound like inside the cabins? Are there any differences? Am I comfortable in there?"

You can find the answer in the STUDIOBOX concept house.

The following are available for test purposes:


Length x Width x Height
(interior dimensions)


240 cm x 240 cm x 220 cm

STUDIOBOX Professional

240 cm x 180 cm x 205 cm

STUDIOBOX Professional

180 cm x 180 cm x 205 cm


180 cm x 120 cm x 205 cm

There are also drums, an acoustic piano, a saxophone and flute as well as studio monitors and digital recording devices.
There is no need to bring along your own equipment, unless you would like to carry out the tests with your own instrument or device.

We explain the opportunities and limitations of modular sound cabins. Acoustics by their very nature are not absolute but relative.

Whoever visits our concept house gets a good deal closer to finding a solution to his own particular challenges. We support you in the testing, planning and implementation of your undertaking.

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