Acoustic Services

Walters-Storyk Design Group, Inc. (WSDG) is an international acoustical consulting office with its European office located in Switzerland.

WSDG Europe GmbH plans and builds acoustically challenging work- and leisure environments and related projects, such as:
- Audio-, Video- and Broadcast Studios
- Theatres
- Home Theaters
- Concert Halls
- Performance and Conference Spaces
- Stadia

General Manager Dirk Noy focusses on high efficiency in the team of specialists. Areas of expertise include:
- Full Acoustical Consultation
- Architectural Planning
- Optimizations and Simulations
- Reports
- Acoustical Measurements
- Sound- and Vibration Isolation.

In collaboration with STUDIOBOX a project-by-project oriented bundling of services and know-how is being implemented in areas such as:
- Product Development
- Planning of Constructional and Modular Solutions
- Architectural Planning
- Acoustical Measurement
- Acoustical Consultation

The client is offered all required services to complete his project by the implemented acoustical network of know-how. This results in sleek communication structure, lower costs, higher efficiency and shorter turnaround times.


WSDG-Europe GmbH
Walters-Storyk Design Group
Dornacher Straße 279
CH-4053 Basel


Tel: +41-(0)61- 9031340
Fax: +41-(0)61- 9031341