Construction Demo

The STUDIOBOX is available in a wide range of sizes. The positions of the door, ventilation fan and windows can be determined to suit individual requirements.

STUDIOBOX - Modular Sound Booths

Made of prefabricated acoustic panels

STUDIOBOX Sound Booths are built from acoustic panels (Monobloc Construction) as a room within a room.
Monobloc construction means that the acoustic floor-, wall and ceiling panels are fully manufactured at the factory. Installation time for a standard size vocal booth is two to four hours. Screwing, sawing, drilling, caulking or any other mechanical work is not required. Transportation, installation and moving are easily performed by anyone. The functionality of the components remains the same over many years. Later the booth can still be used for other purposes or in other rooms.

The weight of the STUDIOBOX does not usually cause any problems regarding the building structures or their load bearing surfaces.