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STUDIOBOX Measurement Booth

Design and Manufacture of Modular Acoustic Test Rooms for Research Laboratories

The STUDIOBOX acoustic test chamber is engineered to precisely suit the needs in industrial product development and testing as well as in scientific research projects. It is mostly used for acoustic measurements and analysis.

The products provide a high-level sound isolating environment and optimized interior acoustics. The reverberation time is defined throughout the entire audio spectrum as a function of room volume or is being individually designed per room usage.

The construction of the STUDIOBOX acoustic test cells is modular. All floor-, wall and ceiling panels are fully manufactured at the factory. The assembly, dismantle and relocation is performed easily.

Your benefits:

  • Small acoustic test chambers up to large test rooms available
  • Best acoustic performance
  • Custom fitted modules (in-house development)
  • Nontoxic, first-class wooden materials
  • Easy and clean installation due to the monobloc principle
  • Remountable
  • Prompt availability
  • Standard and customized designs
  • High quality manufacture
  • Optimal price-performance ratio

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