Application examples:

- Vocal booths
- Recording booth
- Control room
- Rehearsal studio
- Music practice room
- Radio booth
- Test room
- Language laboratory

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Creating Learning Environments

STUDIOBOX – Sound Proof Room in Modular Construction

Unlike conventional constructions on site the STUDIOBOX sound isolation booth offers acoustic performance at reasonable cost.

As a "room-within-room" it provides both, the sound insulation and optimized room acoustics for a variety of applications. It is a result of conscientous product development and a standardized, controlled manufacture. Best workmanship and reliable services go without saying. A wide range of booth sizes and fittings are available.

In communication with facility managers, educational bodies and end users we work out design proposals and quotes.

STUDIOBOX - vocal booths consist of double-layered acoustical panels, completely pre-fabricated in the factory. Absorbers and reflectors adjust the inside reverberation time, resulting in practice-proven room acoustics. Various booth types are on offer in dependence of the application.

The sound proof room is to be fully constructed without use of any tools. A time and money consuming design process in the forefront of the installation is no longer necessary. The assembly time per booth is a few hours.
No modification of architecture, no constraints caused by builders worke and best acoustic performance!

Due to the consequent modular construction the STUDIOBOX can be easily dismantled at a later time and setup in a different location. The functionality of the components remains the same over many years.

Students and teachers feel comfortable and creative in the STUDIOBOX, manufactured of non-toxic, wood-based materials.

You may rely on our best efforts. STUDIOBOX - making the difference.

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