Acoustic Design

An All Encompassing Solution for Sound Isolation

From the technical point of view, to erect a structure like the STUDIOBOX as a "room within a room" is the most effective way to improve sound insulation within a building.

The quality of soundproofing is determined by the correct choice of mate- rials and their combined physical characteristics, the panel construction and the connection of the panels to each other.
Additionally, the accuracy of their manufacture is important so that when assembled all of the panels fit perfectly every time. Just one deficiency in this design process would result in poor sound insulation. A situation that has clearly been overcome in the design of the STUDIOBOX.

Double-layered Wall Panel Construction

Each monobloc panel is composed of two layers. The exterior and interior layers are connected by resilient couplings to form a decoupled common panel. A comprehensive tounged and grooved profile together with double wedge seals guarantee tight, acoustically sealed assembly of the STUDIOBOX. External steel latches are also fitted to ensure tight assembly of the panels without using any tools.

Soundproof Doors and Windows

The door has been optimised with double rebates, all-round seals and a door-length compression lock (fourfold).
Different thickness glass is employed for each side of the windows with a relatively long distance between them to reduce noise transmission. Resilient, cellular rubber seals are used throughout.

Effective Floor Construction

The STUDIOBOX is fitted with special double-layered wooden bars, decoupled by Sylomer foam. The floor panel construction comprises multiple layers to further ensure good acoustic insulation.